Canadian Environmental Law Guide


The Canadian Environmental Law Guide provides information on Canada’s environmental laws and regulations of the federal government and the leading industrial provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario. The guide presents an overview of Canada’s environmental law legislation in force, and then provides a detailed analysis of the legislation by topic for each of these four jurisdictions.

The most comprehensive guide of its kind, the Canadian Environmental Law Guide is used by manufacturers of all sizes, attorneys, government departments (local, provincial, and federal), municipalities, associations, colleges and universities, libraries, and anyone in the United States who plans to conduct business where Canada’s environmental laws and regulations apply.

Topic Area

  • Compliance requirements
  • Enforcement system
  • Major Acts
  • Penalties
  • Permit and approval system
  • System of precedence between jurisdictions
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Climate change
  • Major environmental legislation
  • Pesticides
  • Releases to air
  • Releases to land
  • Releases to water
  • Spills and compensation
  • Transportation
  • Worker protection


Overviews and Detailed Analysis

Provides an overview of the major Canadian environmental law legislation in force in each jurisdiction, followed by a detailed analysis of legislation by topic for each jurisdiction.

Supplementary Materials

Includes extensive supplementary materials, such as permit application forms, lists of toxic substances governed by the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, and the various authorities contact addresses and phone numbers.

Table of Contents

 Table of Contents