EHS Audit Protocol – Northern Territory, Australia (Abridged)

Author: AECOM

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The Australia Federal and Northern Territory Audit Protocols for environmental, health and safety (EH&S) are organized around seventeen topics, with a separate module devoted to each. Record keeping is included within each module.

These Australia and Northern Territory audit protocols include high level regulatory compliance requirements organized within the topic. State legislation is listed. This abridged protocol is written for the experienced EHS Auditor.

Each audit topic module s checklists, as a series of audit statements with Guide Notes for the auditor to verify compliance, form the body of the protocol and reference the legislation list.

Two unique features, firstly the Audit Quick Check (AQC), allows for recording of audit findings and five different sort options to facilitate reporting from the MS Word® version and secondly, Xcelerator®, STP’s recently released Excel®-based tool, allows auditors to rapidly collect, share, archive and export audit findings in one document, assign compliance scores for each audit question, and generate at-a-glance corrective action reports.

In addition, this country-specific protocol is available through risk management systems.

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 Table of Contents

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