Employment Law: Solutions for the Canadian Workplace

Author: Borden Ladner Gervais LLP




Authored by one of Canada s most prestigious national law firms, Employment Law: Solutions for the Canadian Workplace is the most comprehensive reference available for Canadian employment issues. Covering federal and provincial standards (including Quebec), this guide provides useful information on both the legal and practical aspects of the hiring process, managing the employment relationship, withdrawal from the employment relationship, remedies, defending a wrongful dismissal claim and more.

Used by  Lawyers/Attorneys, Managing Partners, Human Resource Managers, Personnel Managers, VP Human Resources/operations, anyone whose duties include supervision of employees or workplace management in private organizations, crown corporations and public institutions, hospitals and other health care facilities, colleges, universities, educational authorities, governments and government agencies.

Topic Area

  • Bankruptcy of the employer
  • Condonation
  • Considerations on discipline or promotion of employees
  • Constructive dismissal
  • Damages for wrongful dismissal
  • Defending a wrongful dismissal claim
  • Frustration of contract
  • General contract principles and common-law considerations
  • Injunctive remedies
  • Jurisdiction and sources of law
  • Just cause for withdrawal from the employment relationship
  • Mental distress and aggravated/punitive damages
  • Other relationships defined in employment law
  • Performance reviews and evaluations
  • Policy manuals, procedures, and workplace rules
  • Privacy in the workplace
  • Probation
  • Remedial considerations in handling a termination
  • Resignation
  • Restrictive covenants: non-competition, non-solicitation, and confidentiality covenants or agreements
  • Retirement
  • Rights and obligations of employers and employees
  • Sale of employer s business
  • Statutory definitions and implications
  • The employee s duty to mitigate
  • The employment contract
  • The selection process
  • Tort liability


Allows quick location of important requirements or province-specific details relating to specific situations

Checklists, Do’s and Don’ts, Summaries
Enables quick reviews of important points to minimize risk

Case Studies
Illustrate the nuances of legal interpretation and highlight key points in precedent-setting decisions

Table of Contents

 Table of Contents