Environmental Management Systems – Internal Auditing


Environmental Management Systems: Internal Auditing provides audit checklists to help organizations assess the compliance of their environmental management system (EMS) with most EMS models, including ISO 14001:2015. The guide provides a series of detailed audit criteria covering each key element of an EMS, including context and scope, leadership, planning, support, operation, evaluation and review, and improvement.

The guide contains a single module, with the following parts:

Introduction, providing a discussion applicability and EMS standards, and key definitions of terms.
Pre-audit Preparation, providing lists of documents and records to review prior to conducting an
audit, and items to have available for review during an audit.
Rulebook, providing audit criteria based on the key elements of most EMS models, with guide notes
to be used by the auditor to assess conformance with the criteria.
Scoresheet, allowing quick recording of the organization’s compliance status.

The guide is sold together with the implementation guide ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems: A Complete Implementation Guide 

Table of Contents

 Table of Contents