H&S Legal Register for Taiwan

International health & safety compliance tools and resources specifically developed for offices and the retail and service sectors.

Author: Convergence Consulting LLC


A CORE Country Legal Register is an inventory of health and safety laws and regulations of a country that relate to a topical scope applicable to an office, retail, or service sector setting. The laws are presented as a list of formal legal citations, and each legal citation has a descriptive summary of the law or regulation. The description involves: (i) scope and objectives of the law along with a general description of the main requirements; (ii) potential penalties for non-compliance; and (iii) applicability of the law. The Register is presented in dual language (national language and English), organized by topic, is keyword searchable, offers customized reporting, and is also linked to the full text of the legislation in a publicly available website.

Topic area

  • Operating Permit
  • General Health & Safety
  • Workplace Hygiene
  • Fire Safety & Emergency Evacuation
  • Machine & Electrical Safety
  • Material Handling
  • Chemical Management
  • Fleet and Driver Safety

Business Value

A Legal Register is a tool typically used to inform a site and the Corporate H&S group on the laws and regulations that apply; and it is a powerful resource to support compliance in various scenarios:

  • Fulfills OHSAS 18001 Management System Obligation for a Site Legal Register
  • Opening of New Operations
  • Store or Office Build-out
  • Informing the Site’s Safety Committee of its Responsibilities
  • Present a Site’s EHS Permit Conditions or Internal Policies in One Place
  • Demonstration of a Compliance Assurance Program
  • Reduction of Company Risk.

Primary Features

  • List of H&S country laws and regulations for offices, retail and service sectors.
  • Descriptive summary of each law.
  • Summary of potential enforcement consequences.
  • Links to full text of the law.
  • Ability to tailor the register to a site’s operations.
  • All data is presented in dual language (English & national language).
  • Annually updated with update changes tracked.
  • Organized by H&S topic.
  • Keyword searchable across one or selected countries.
  • Custom reporting.
  • Simply exports to Excel, PDF.