Onshore and Offshore Upstream Oil and Gas Operations: Federal Auditing Guide


Onshore and Offshore Upstream Oil and Gas Operations: Federal Auditing Guide is designed to be used to ensure effective regulatory compliance with the hundreds of complex Federal Department of Interior (DOI) environmental, health and safety (EHS) regulatory requirements facing businesses that explore for and extract oil and natural gas (referred to as upstream oil and gas operations\).

This Oil and Gas Audit Guide has two primary purposes. First, the Guide provides subscribers with a comprehensive protocol that can be used to ensure that audits and internal assessments thoroughly identify all the federal regulatory compliance challenges facing upstream oil and gas operations. Second, the Guide also serves as a concise reference source for information on oil and gas safety, DOI regulatory issues, agency interpretations and guidance, facility compliance responsibilities and good management practices all resources that can be used to help your facility efficiently and effectively maintain ongoing environmental compliance.

Topic Area

The two modules in the Guide address the following sections of DOI regulations:

Outer Continental Shelf


Covers applicability of federal motor carrier safety regulations, provides key compliance definitions, and includes reference materials (charts and tables) for each section

Pre-Visit Preparation
Identifies materials to be gathered for review before an audit; includes a list of acronyms and abbreviations

Provides a statement of each relevant regulatory requirement, supported by detailed guide notes that describe specific inspection procedures and practices to determine compliance with that requirement, as well as typical conditions or situations that could indicate potential compliance problems

Enables quick recording of a facility s compliance status for each regulatory requirement

Table of Contents

 Table of Contents