OSHA Auditing: California Occupational Health & Safety


OSHA Auditing – California Occupational Health and Safety Audit is a tool to ensure that audits and internal assessments thoroughly identify all state occupational health and safety regulatory compliance challenges facing a facility. The guide enables the customization of the OSHA safety audit checklist to a specific facility and directs the user through the entire Cal/OSHA compliance process.

California’s Title 8 contains a complex hierarchy of sections, articles, groups, subchapters, and chapters. These are presented in blocks of regulatory requirements in what practitioners commonly call Standards (which follows the terminology used by the federal Occupational Health and Safety Agency [OSHA]). Each module covers a Standard (e.g. Hazard Communication Standard), or a set of closely related standards (e.g. Permit-Required Confined Space Standard plus the Other Confined Space Standard).

The OSHA applicability checklist helps to easily filter unnecessary modules from the final audit, effectively streamlining the occupational health and safety auditing process.  The health and safety guidelines simplify complex OSHA regulations and provide recommendations on achieving compliance.

It is designed for use by business, manufacturing and service industries operating in the state of California including chemical companies, medical facilities, laboratories, federal and state agencies.

The latest update includes a reworked Rulebook L-24, to capture California’s extension and amendment of its COVID-19 Rules for workplaces.

Topic Area

  • Administration
  • General condition and structures
  • Safe practices and personal protection
  • Plant equipment and special operations
  • Mobile equipment and auxiliaries
  • Power transmission, prime movers, machines
  • Compressed gas and air equipment
  • Cranes, derricks, hoists, and slings
  • Hazardous substances: General controls


Applicability Tables
Applicability Tables facilitate quick and easy determination of which regulations and sections of the checklists apply to specific facility operations for federal and California environmental regulations.

Pre-Audit Preparation
Lists materials to be reviewed before conducting an audit

Provides comprehensive, detailed requirement statements, with guidance on compliance issues and inspection procedures and practices for federal and California and Santa Barbara district environmental regulations

Enables quick recording of a facility s compliance status for each requirement. Additional features include customizable scoresheets in Microsoft Word® and Excel®.

Table of Contents

 Table of Contents